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"Not only did Organic Headshots make my photo shoot experience warm and inviting... Michelle also took the time to help me understand the process, which made me feel VERY comfortable. THANK YOU MICHELLE!! As for the products/services: 1) Pictures - really fantastic (my family, friends, and professional acquaintances were just blown away) 2) Pricing - Not only fair, but very competitive 3) Customer service - Nothing short of excellent 4) Quality - Stellar across the board (e.g. photo editing, technology, studio, professionalism, etc.) HIGHLY recommend Organic Headshots!"

- Brian R.

"Michelle was excellent!!! I had no complaints with my photos and thoroughly loved them! Bowie was such a sweet dog as well!!! Would recommend to anyone. Truly appreciated fact she took time off her lunch break to fit me in late notice."

- Tim T.

"My experience with Organic Headshots far exceeded my expectations. The studio was very warm and inviting and I immediately felt comfortable. Michelle was very energetic and ran through her process but also asked for my input and ideas. I felt great throughout the shoot and very pleased with the images Michelle was able to capture. I would encourage anyone looking for professional shots to reach out to Michelle and her team."

- Dan F.

"The entire experience was easy, relaxing and fun. I have a serious fear of the camera, and I always feel like I look terrible in photos. Megg and Michelle did an amazing job putting me at ease, doing make up and hair and taking beautiful photographs. I will absolutely use them in the future."

- Crystal A.

"Michelle was very easy to work with and is very experienced at what she does. I was very satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend using Organic Headshots to anyone who needs headshots done."

- Jeff W.

"Michelle was a true pleasure to work with. The shoot was swift, professional, friendly, and it delivered way past my expectations. I would recommend this company to anyone in any industry looking for a great photo!"

- Mike D.

"Michelle did a fantastic job! I hate looking at photos of myself and am not very comfortable posing seriously in front of a camera, however Michelle made the entire process very easy and natural! In the end, even though I hated looking at the photos of myself, I was actually happy with at least five of the options and really impressed with Michelle's work. Thank you Michelle!"

- Kristin W.

"Michelle was great! She is very professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and I got my pictures back fast. There's no reason to go anywhere else for headshots in Chicago."

- Jeffrey Z.

"Michelle with Organic Headshots is my first choice and first recommendation to anyone needing photography in the Chicago area. From start to finish your experience with Michelle will be positive and you will love your photos."

- Sandy H.

"Michelle was so friendly, fun, and wonderful to work with - and I absolutely love my headshots!" 

- Sara G.

"I had a great time sorting through the proofs - for once I didn't feel like I had to choose the 'least terrible'- I had many, many excellent choices. I look natural but fun & energetic. Thank you Michelle & Megg for capturing such a great me!"

- Athena A.

"Michelle is amazing at what she does and her dog, Bowie, is such a darling. The headshot turned out better than I could have imagined. It was a great experience because it's very easy to work with Michelle."

- Rajiv S.

"I was very pleased to find Michelle for my corporate headshot. She has just the right amount of warmth, professionalism and drive. Our appointment was right on time and well prepared. I highly recommend this quality photographer to others!

- John C.

It was a pleasure to work with Michelle and her hair and make-up team during a recent photo shoot. After visiting many local photographer websites, I expected that Michelle’s approach would match my needs (updated headshot for marketing materials). Her confidence, caring and professionalism combined to produce a great final product that far exceeded my expectations. In addition, her studio space was comfortable and welcoming and her dog, David Bowie uses sincere eye contact and quiet affection to show a special interest in each client. Instead of being scary it was really fun."

- Linda D.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Michelle when she took headshots for 35 individuals in one day at our firm. She made the process of taking and selecting the photos quite easy and, most importantly, her work is spectacular. She has a wonderful personality and is highly professional in all of her interactions. I highly recommend Michelle!"

- Juliet B.

"You are the first and only photographer to make sure all of the little details on how the shot will look were checked and problems or flaws corrected. That made the pictures come back looking very good. You didn’t just point and shoot you took your time to make it right the first time. I have had a number of pictures taken for various organizations but they do not even come close to yours. These are the best I have ever had to use. Thank you very much." 

- Ed M.

"Michelle shot photos for some campaign literature, and I could not be more pleased with the process and how the photos turned out. I am typically uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Michelle made it painless. In addition, she (at my request) retouched some photos to smooth some lines and undereye bags, making me look younger and more vibrant. For what I received, the price was very reasonable. I would happily go back to Michelle if I needed additional photos, and would highly recommend her."

- James C.

"I'm blown away by the difference between Michelle's photos and my previous sets. Although I consider myself friendly and approachable, I also detest having my picture taken--and so typically end up with a tense, tight-lipped, deer-in-headlights picture. But not this time. The headshots are flattering, warm and professional--not an easy combo to capture with even the most practiced model. Thank you so much for the wonderful job!";

- Leeann F.

"I went through Michelle at Organic Headshots to get a professional business photo taken, and was more than happy with the results. Michelle’'s attention to detail, comfortable studio and warm personality made for a great experience and the photo I was looking for." 

- Eric O.

"I was so pleased with my experience at Organic Headshots. I needed a photo that let the world see me as the skincare professional I am without looking over processed. Michelle captured exactly that. She helped me express exactly who I am in a single photo. Michelle made me feel completely comfortable and eased my ridiculous apprehensions with having my photo taken: Does my face look fat, is my hair in place? (Thank you Michelle for making sure that my hair was exactly as it should be and for your tips on head position for optimal face definition!) Michelle is fabulous! She has made me a loyal client and I would recommend her in an instant!" 

 - Meredith F.

"I came to Michelle because I was unhappy with the headshots I had done previously with another company. There are a lot of photographers who are good at the mechanics of taking pictures, but clumsy when it comes to posing their subjects. Michelle not only creates a warm environment to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, but she pays attention to minute details and knows exactly how to place you in order to get the best possible shot. Just follow directions and trust her, she is truly an expert! Best photography experience I've ever had." 

- Amy S.

"I knew I'd need a professional headshot for my new business, and I'm so glad I chose Organic Headshots. Michelle did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and at home during the photo shoot. She gave excellent suggestions, and was genuinely invested in helping me get a great picture. The results were fantastic! I know exactly where I'll be   sending anyone who asks me for a recommendation for a professional photographer -- right to Michelle!" 

- Michele C.

"I needed a professional photo for networking, on-line profiles, alumni directories, etc. I looked at a lot of photographer's websites and the only one that seemed to do what I wanted was Michelle. She does this stuff as one of her main lines. Everyone else sounded like it would be an afterthought to their wedding album business. The planning was outstanding. She got back to me right away and even handled scheduling a make-up artist for me. The session was awesome too. To say I have never photographed well is a huge understatement. Michelle took the time to get a variety of good poses. At the end I had over a hundred shots to choose between and I actually had trouble picking out three. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional looking photos."

- Cathy R.

"I enjoy having my picture taken as much as a root canal. A root canal hurts less. But somehow, despite my photo-phobia, Michelle was able to create a headshot of me that doesn't make me puke (not an easy task). Whether or not you're camera-shy, Michelle is a great Chicago photographer, prompt responder and a joy to do business with." 

- Erika H.

"Michelle did an amazing job listening to my requests for the photos and turning them into a reality. I feel I had a great experience working with her. Both her kind spirit and patience made the day all the more fun and exciting. I appreciate how she took the time to take my photos outside (upon my own request) and inside as well. She really cares about her clients and what they envision for their photographs. She retouched my photos so quickly; and all in all, I couldn't have asked for more- thanks for everything!" 

- Katie S.

"I'm glad I chose to have my pictures taken with Organic Head shots. I love my photos! I get many compliments on them from family and friends. Very professional and affordable. I highly recommend Organic Head shots for your next photo shoot!" 

- Alex B.

"Michelle is clearly comfortable behind a camera. She has great energy and was able to help me get past my nerves and get some really great headshots! She had lots of good suggestions and helped pick an outfit that would work best. During the session, we laughed and chatted as she snapped away; it was very comfortable and natural. She was able to capture several moods with varied lighting. In the end, I was able to walk away with a CD full of the pictures to review. I feel like she was able to catch many different aspects of my personality; it was hard to pick which ones I liked best! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs pictures!" 

- Kate M.

"Michelle was great with taking my headshots. I felt very comfortable, she was really able to get some great shots that looked like me and she was able to make me laugh! She also helped me decide which shirt to wear and made sure I had plenty of shots I could use before we finished up. She also burned a CD for me immediately after and I was given ALL of my shots. She was excellent and I'm going to have her do more for me soon!" 

- Buffy E.